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:: Julius Yls ::

In an era characterised by digital evolution and the search for equity, businesses must innovate and adapt to remain significant. Julius Yls offers consultancy support, guiding independent artists, fashion and graphic designers, art galleries, and small businesses in transitioning their brands into the realm of emerging technologies.

Emerging technologies such as Web3, the Metaverse, and AI have recently garnered significant attention, yet their foundational technology has been in development for some time, and Julius Yls has consistently been involved in this evolution. With over 20 years at the intersection of art and advanced technology, Julius holds a Master’s in Computer Graphics from New Zealand and has been a pioneer in integrating art with emerging tech. Throughout his early career in higher education, he shared his insights at significant events worldwide, including SIGGRAPH-USA, TRANSMEDIALE-Berlin, CADE-Glasgow, and ISEA-Dubai & Toronto. Additionally, from 2000 to 2012, he contributed to major commercial interactive media projects in Singapore. Currently, Julius is deeply involved with spongelii Inc., focusing on branding in the metaverse, and MetaAi Project-New Zealand, which centers on AI and Language Learning App.

In addition to his illustrious career at the intersection of art and technology, Julius is deeply committed to travel photography. His photographic pursuits have garnered accolades from esteemed platforms like National Geographic Travel, Fine Art Photography Award London, Paris Photo, Leica Society International, and The University of Chicago Press. Taking his passion further, Julius has ventured into the Web3 domain, introducing his photography collections to the digital realm, and founded PhyXels, a fine art virtual gallery.

As the digital horizon continues evolving, Julius remains at its vanguard, observing and actively shaping the emerging technologies landscapes. Dedicated to bringing others along, he aids companies in navigating this thrilling terrain, ensuring they're poised for a future as dynamic as his journey.

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